Before you have a water or sewer emergency, here are some things to keep in mind: If there’s water or sewage being discharged in to your home or the environment, call 303-979-7286 to report it and tell us about any discharge occurring. We’ll respond as soon as possible. If your emergency isn’t causing a discharge of water or sewage that could damage property or the environment, make sure we know that too and we’ll respond within 2-4 hours.

Remember, everything on your side of your property line (water lines, sewer service lines, grinder pumps, shut off valves, etc.) is the homeowner’s responsibility. Everything from the property line out to the main waterline in the street is our responsibility. In order to be fair to all homeowners, if a call to us is made after hours and the problem is on the homeowner’s side of the main pipeline, the RWSD Board (Roxborough Water & Sanitation District) has adopted Rules and Regulations that allow for a charge of $100, plus time, materials and administrative costs incurred for emergency visits.

After Hours Emergency Number: 303-979-7286

Information provided by Roxborough Water & Sanitation District (www.roxwater.org)