Board of Directors

The CAB shall be governed and directed by a Board of Directors, according to the following:

District No. 1 appoints five District No. 1 Members and District No. 2, District No. 3, District No. 4, District No. 5, District No. 6 and District No. 7 each appoint one member from their respective Districts to the CAB Board. Each District may appoint alternates who if appointed, shall serve as a duly authorized representative in the event the appointed Member does not attend a meeting or is not longer qualified to serve.

In the event of a vacancy on the CAB Board, whether by expiration of a term, resignation, by virtue of the fact that the Member is no longer qualified to serve on the applicable Districts’ Board of Directors, or for any other reason, the applicable District shall appoint a successor Board member within fourteen (14) days of such vacancy.

Each Board member term shall be for a period of four (4) years. Board members appointed to District No. 1 shall have staggered 4-year terms. There shall be no limit on the number of terms a Member may serve.

Current Board Members:

James Yates, President (representing Sterling Ranch Colorado MD No. 2)                                 Term expires - January 15, 2019

Harold R. Smethills, Jr., Vice President (representing Sterling Ranch Colorado MD No. 1)         Term expires - January 15, 2020

Diane H. Smethills, Treasurer (representing Sterling Ranch Colorado MD Nos. 3‐7.)                  Term expires - January 15, 2020


All Board members business address is:
Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board
8390 East Crescent Parkway, Suite 500
Greenwood Village, CO 80111